Searching for a Custom Homebuilder in Bangor, ME?

Searching for a Custom Homebuilder in Bangor, ME?

Start building your dream home with Libby Brothers today

If you’re looking for experienced general contractors to handle your new home construction, turn to Libby Brothers Inc. Our skilled homebuilders have built over 300 gorgeous homes in the Bangor, ME area. We can build your dream home exactly to your liking.

We work with individuals and developers to create stunning custom homes throughout Penobscot County. Call today to ask about our floor plan selection.

Premier new home construction in Bangor, ME

Libby Brothers offers three home styles for subdivisions, condos and individuals in Bangor, ME. When you hire us for new home construction, you can choose from:

  1. Contemporary designs: Relax in the clean lines and elemental forms of this simple style.
  2. Colonial designs: Step back in time with rows of front-facing windows in a multistory home.
  3. Craftsman designs: If you love peaked roofs, modest columns and charming front porches, choose the craftsman style.

No matter what your architectural preference is, all house styles can be customized with wood, tile and granite materials. Call Libby Brothers today to discuss your construction project with a contractor.